Fast free proxy

Fast free proxy to unblock sites

Our service provides FAST free online proxy to be used unblock content in various sites. This fast proxy works also with YouTube and other video sites.

Is this really fast proxy site?

FastProxy is an fast web proxy, secure, anonymous and completely free to be used with any sites without any limits. This fast web proxy can be used to unblock websites and bypass web filter at your school, at work, or in your country if internet censorship is imposed through your Internet service provider (for instance if Facebook, Youtube or some other video sites are blocked) Using our fast proxy you can unblock many popular social and video sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, DailyMotion and other video website.

View blocked website

Our fast proxy will allow you to proxy or unblock videos from Youtube including music videos, trailers or those which have ads. There are many web proxies that claim that they can unblock videos but most of the time they fail with some of the popular video sites. Our fast free proxyis tested with sites like Pornhub, Xhamster, Xnxx or Redtube. Our fast free proxy has video unblock features that will show you videos that are normally blocked at your country, school or work.

What is web proxy?

Web proxy serves as a connector between you and the site you're want to look. When you use a web proxy, you are not actually connecting to your intended site, instead, the web proxy is connecting to the site, therefore hiding any trace of your presence. Web proxies are used to enable user privacy and anonymous surfing

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